Stuffed Quahogs

Mild or spicy stuffed quahogs are the perfect addition to any seafood feast.

Stuffed Scallops

Serve a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy your guests can’t wait to try.

Smokey Joe Casinos

Smokey Joe casinos are our unique version of clams casino with a kick.

Where to Buy

Find out where you can buy your favorite Whaler Seafood products in the area.

Order Seafood Specialties From Whaler Seafood

Order Seafood Specialties From Whaler Seafood

Serving up your favorite stuffed quahogs since 1983

Whaler Seafood is a family-owned and operated business that sells ready-to-heat stuffed quahogs and scallops. When we opened a restaurant in 1983, customers couldn’t get enough of our stuffies. They were so popular that we opened a store to sell them exclusively. Since then, we’ve been distributing thousands of our seafood specialties to local grocery stores and restaurants every week.

Stuffies, or stuffed quahogs, are a local favorite in New England. Our unique stuffies recipe is made with a Portuguese twist. The stuffing mix is prepared with Portuguese bread and a smoked sausage called linguiça. Stop by your local grocery store today to pick up a few stuffies and stuffed scallops to serve at your next family dinner.

Many local establishments carry our stuffed delicacies

We get most of our ingredients from local vendors and sell our products at many places around town. You can find Whaler Seafood products at:

  • Grocery stores
  • Specialty food shops
  • Fresh fish markets
  • Restaurants
Check out our list of vendors on the Where to Buy page. You can also stop by our storefront to grab a few goodies to take home. Nós falamos Portugues!

Serve stuffies without the hassle

You simply can’t host a New England gathering without serving stuffies. Impress your guests with homemade flavors without putting in the time to make stuffies by hand. Our ready-to-heat appetizers always please a hungry crowd. All you have to do is heat up your stuffies and finish with a drizzle of fresh lemon juice and a dash of hot sauce.

Visit your local grocery today to pick up Whaler Seafood products for your next family dinner.

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